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First / Emir Diril

Emir DirilI wanted to start this blog with First by Emir ‘Drey’ Diril for a number of reasons. This track was made back in 2007 and it was the first piece for which I wrote an in-depth song analysis back in the day. So in a way this was the piece that got me started doing song analysis.

Emir Diril is a very talented young composer/guitarist. You are likely to see many more pieces from him getting reviewed here as he is one of my favorite composers. Definitely check out more of his stuff.

The track starts with a minimal but tasteful Japanese motif played with a Yangqin that starts to get some support from a western string section; first the violins then violas and cellos. I must say I really love the sudden jump back to the east at around 00:34 with the wind instrument (sounds like a Bawu but I am not sure) and the taiko drums coming back. Especially the build up of the bass moving from A to D starting at 00:45 is another piece of simple yet masterful orchestration. This build up gets even more epic with the addition of the chords played by the brass section at 00:59

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