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Carry On / David Rix

This time I have a particularly delicious folk piece for you guys and gals. David Rix is a folk singer/songwriter from the Seattle area. He has a sense for catchy acoustic guitar riffs and a Dylan-like misty voice. Carry On is one of my favorite songs of his, and in this version he is employing the help of (mainly) rock producer/musician Chris Klimecky and country singer/songwriter Jessica Lynne. Expect reviews of tracks from these fine folks to appear in Song Dynamics very soon.

The piece starts with two acoustic guitars dancing around the base chord, but quickly jumps into the first verse in a few seconds (together with drum and bass). I am really a big fan of the verse chord progression. It is a relatively less used I – iii – ii – IV progression and made even more interesting by the actual guitar  riffs (the little fifth to sixth slide). The mix here involves a bare-bones bass + drums + 2 acoustic guitars instrumentation and this is a tasteful and utilitarian choice as in the second repreat of the progression, Chris and Jessica join in with the back vocals, adding to the harmonic texture.

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