song dynamicsWhy?

Two goals really:

1- I don’t like album reviews. I don’t think they do justice to the work of musicians. When we make music, we labor for hours sometimes, to get a 2-second part at the end of the bridge just right. And the album reviewer can only spend about three sentences per track. Of course this is not their fault. I am not blaming them, it is just the constraints of the format.

The real problem is that for a musician the “unit of music” is really the track. The song. Album was a package that was necessitated more by the economics of production and sales (and again I respect that). But when reviewing some musician’s work focusing on the unit of track gives me more space to talk about details that make the song what it is. Besides the album format is going away in the world of online music anyway.

2- Discovery is the name of the game. Today more than ever there is a ton of great music being created in the long tail. The artists in the long tail are struggling to reach niche listeners that are geographically distributed all over the world. And savvy listeners are struggling to drink from a  fire hose. So hopefully this site becomes another source for music foraging, where a (hopefully knowledgable:) ) “human” is sifting through that volume of music bringing some good stuff to the listeners and help them discover more of what they like, while providing exposure to artists.

Who am I

I am also a musician, if you are interested to hear my stuff follow the link. I have also been writing song reviews for some time now (mostly in my native language in various publications). The identifying characteristic of my reviews as you will notice is the level of detail. Over years I have found that this format gives the most satisfaction to the artist whose work is being reviewed and also helps more casual listeners to enjoy the works even more. So I will continue to do this in Song Dynamics.

I must say the focus will be on indie/relatively unknown artists more often than not. I may occasionally review someone with a few hundred thousand facebook fans (that’s what I call “famous” not millions), but I am more likely to review someone with a few hundred fans if any.

Also I am more likely to review stuff I like in some way. That means I may have a few humble criticism or suggestions on songs but the reviews will mostly be positive. Do not mistake that with being a “like-it-all promotion review”. I am already eliminating a ton of music that I would write negatively about, by not reviewing them and giving them exposure in the first place.

What Genres

Well, any… I have come to see genres as different languages. All languages provide different words and grammatical rules but all can be used to express the same emotions and ideas. Therefore I listen to many genres including but not limited to rock, metal, classical, electronica, jazz, country and various ethnic… So I may review pieces from various genres, don’t be surprised.

Will You Review Me?

I review tracks that I truly love. And I don’t charge money like some professional reviewers. I do it for fun.

So feel free to send me a link to your work and if it touches me I will review it someday. I am only one guy with very limited time and as you can see, I am going pretty deep on every track so it may be a while before I get to your song. But definitely feel free to contact me at bilgemcakir (at) live (dot) com.


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