Singin’ Country / Jessica Lynne

I like intensity in any genre of music, and “Singin’ Country” by Jessica Lynne has intensity, and more. Jessica not only has the twangy golden pipes but also a ton of songwriting savvy as this song shows.

I usually prefer to review songs that the readers of this blog can hear without having to buy it. But this song was just too good and is definitely worth your 99 cents, so I made an exception.

The thing that captured me when I heard this song is how “refined” it is. It is under three minutes and on the minimalist side as far as the instrumentation is concerned. Yet it has such a solid build up in the verses and such a strong punch in the chorus.

The vi-I-II progression in the first three lines of the verse is a familir progression that is made more unique and interesting by the nice guitar work that is implementing it. And the final line of the verse going to IV-V transition performs a nice and intense segue into the chorus. Oh and the bass performance in the verses also adds a very subtle but important contribution in my oppinion. Very tasteful.

And the chorus… Yeah baby 🙂 the chorus itself is the “perfect combination” as the lyrics proclaim. To me the signature stamp of this song, the climax is that 4 syncopated beats at the last measure of every line in the chorus (the perfect combi-NA-TION, that WORKS FOR me… ). The little use of the crunchy second guitar that supports those for beats is also a nice touch.

Well people who know me also know any song that has a guitar solo in it gets a default bonus from me… and Singin’ Country does too… It’s more of an ambient solo than an active one but it works well with the overall mood of the solo and does its job as a low key preparation to contrast and grow the final chorus.

May I also say how subtle and wonderful the ending is. Not a whole blown outro. Just one more repeat and a perfect ending with those 4 syncopated hits that is the heart of this song. Leaves the listener’s heart beating to the “heartbeat” of this song. Very clever, very elegant… Loved it

So overall there is more than enough goodness and solidity in this song to make one eagerly wait for the whole EP from Jessica. She is quite the perfectionist on this but that’s even better for us listeners.


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