The Neverending Breeze / Hasan Ates

Some songs just make me happy even when I see imperfections in them. The imperfections may be due to a naive rush of raw urge to just make music, especially early in a musician’s career (or when he/she is new to a certain tool and just getting the hang of it). Despite the imperfections, the song ends up carrying such pure and raw energy and good will (towards making music) that it shines like a natural scene, unkempt and wild but soothing nonetheless.

Hasan, “Allamulax”, Ates (and his MySpace) is an electronica artist that have grown much more since making The Neverending Breeze. He once mentioned that when he listened to this piece recently, he felt such naivity in it that it made him feel “I would definitely not have made this song this way now” and yet he still felt happy with it. This probably happens to all musicians. On the one hand we look at our old work and notice our inexperience reflected in them. But we also are somewhat happy that, at that point in time that was who we were and part of us got captured in that old song and won’t be lost in time.

Thus Neverending Breeze did capture a somewhat more “playful” Hasan back then. The piece starts with some nice multi layer ambient synth texture and jumps right into the playful electric drum beat. I have to admit I am not a big fan of some examples of electronica (and hip hop) where the focus is solely on creating a catchy beat and nothing else. Hasan never falls into that trap. Throughout the song there is a lot of harmonic color palette at the background and a lot of very melodic leads dancing with each other.

Especially the melody starting at 0.19 is I think one of the strongest in the entire song. At the end of that melody another synth takes the melody an octave up at 0.40 and an soft flute tone suddenly gives the song a very new age-ey atmosphere. But just for a while…

There is a arythmic slow section for about 15 seconds that adds an interesting dynamic to the song. The familiar beat turns back at 1:14 but this time joined with a nice two line lead harmony. I really like this section between 1:14 and 1:42 as it also moves over some really interesting chord transitions. It is followed by a variation of the intro lead then back into a synth solo at 1:55 and another pretty soulful solo till 2:20 where it is joined by a simple few melody lines as back up arpegios. And the song then fades out.

What struck me when I first heard this piece was the overall bittersweet yet playful feeling. The bass line is very “poppy” in a sense. The main pad that dominates most of the song is not too favorite of a sound for me. It could have been better if it was further back in the mix, but then again these are probably the thing that Hasan meant when he said he would make some things different today. Nevertheless this is a song that has a lot of raw goodness in it and it definitely grows on you with time.


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