All I Am / Divine Discontents

I was truly mesmerized when I first heard this song live from Secret and Chelsea. It was a rainy Redmond night at a local Open Mic. It’s hard to describe this music. It has a bluesy, jazzy chord structure and Secret has such a beautiful jazzy voice. I really think this piece will blow you away.

Funny thing is I don’t even know if there is a finalized version of this song anywhere online. The link I am giving you is to their reverbnation site and the track I am writing the review based on is called “Scratch/Guide trax for “All I Am ” “.  Well even the scratch tracks version is a kick ass song so I don’t care 🙂

From the first second till the end the song carries so much conflict, so much bittersweetness, so much pain. It is not your typical “all-around-sad” song. It is much more sophisticated than that.

The piece starts with a dark acoustic guitar duo. I love the chord progression. I love the little crunchy vibrato lead on the right side. And this harmonic framework carries Secret’s awesome vocals and with some backvocals (Chelsea? at least live it was her). At 1:08 a pre-chorus part enters with masterful gipsy-jazzy vocals and ties into the chorus (well it’s actually hard to talk about a chorus in this song’s structure, it is more free form and has many different parts, which is something rare but something I love). The “take me as I am” part is just mesmerizing

At 2.12 an instrumental / solo part starts. And this acoustic solo gives me goose bumps. It is perfectly bluesy but yet carries with it a hint of jazz and I must add some rock.

The section that starts at 3:10 just gets me close my eyes and sway left and right. Over the next minute many magical things happen simultaneously in a hard to explain way. There is an overall crescendo. There is the lead guitar driving to higher registers and growing more intense. Slowly but steadily more vocal tracks are added to the mix. There is almost a gospel-choir like quality at first (at around 3:23), then around 3:45 further vocal harmonies enter making the sound thicker and more majestic. At around 4.20 all is going crazy epic, and emotional.

This emotional climax resolves at 5:04 into the intro progression and turns into an outro. That’s where you say to yourself “What just happened”. And if you are in the reverbnation page you need to choose now between listening to “All I am” again or listenning to the other tracks. The answer in these situations for me is always easy. Listen again.

There is enough time to come back and listen to the rest of Divine Discontent tracks. And you will want to do that. I will review many more tracks from them.


One response to “All I Am / Divine Discontents

  • Emir Akaydın

    Great review of an amazing song.

    “At around 4.20 all is going crazy epic, and emotional.”

    This starts for me at 4:05 because of a connotative soul with one of the great “lost boys” movie soundtracks.

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